Camcore Annual Meeting 2023

The 2023 Camcore Annual Meeting will be held in North Carolina from Sunday,  October 1 to Thursday, October 12.  During our nearly two week visit we will spend time in Raleigh in and around NCSU, down near the Atlantic coast, and finally ending in the mountains.  We are excited to host everyone in our NC home and to share the interesting meeting we are panning.

Check back here for more information.

Camcore assists with US Capital Christmas Tree

In early July 2022 Camcore was able to assist the United States Forest Service (associate member) in their search for the 2022 US Capitol Christmas Tree.  This project allowed Camcore’s Andy Whittier to be recertified in tree climbing by the USFS so that we can continue to use this technique in collection of germplasm.  In addition to being recertified the USFS and Camcore used this opportunity to climb eight 20-26 meter tall red spruce trees that had been chosen as potential US Capital Christmas Trees.  The climbing of these trees was done to better inspect the quality of the trees while looking for any indication of endangered  Carolina Northern Flying Squirrels in these eight red spruce.  Thanks go to the USFS for coordinating this large effort and including Camcore.  We are now eagerly awaiting to see which tree is chosen and followings it’s journey to Washington DC later this year.

Andy Whittier inspecting a candidate red spruce tree for the US Capital Christmas Tree.
Capitol Christmas Tree - Wikipedia
2009 Capitol Christmas Tree. Source: Wikipedia